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How (and why) to make a donation

The spirit of Christianity is alive and well. It was an original idea in the days of the Roman Empire. In many ways, it still is. Orthodox Christianity's mysticism and traditions shouldn't overshadow the Church's very pragmatic everyday role in the lives of many people.

Based in Palermo, the Archdiocese of Italy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church ministers to the needs of the Orthodox community throughout Sicily, including Italians as well as the large immigrant Orthodox community in Sicily --mostly eastern Europeans from Ukraine, Romania, Russia and other traditionally Orthodox countries whose interests are not addressed by larger religious (non-Orthodox) organizations in Italy. Orthodoxy isn't just for eastern Europeans; it also appeals to an ever-increasing number of Sicilians raised in other denominations. Historically, Orthodoxy was the Christian religion of Sicily until around 1100, so it's clear that Sicilians seeking to embrace (or rediscover) Orthodoxy are returning to their religious roots. Apart from actual pastoral work addressing the needs of our community, the Archdiocese of Italy represents an important point of reference for Orthodox faith and culture. However, it's not an ethnic club; the message of Christianity awaits all who are willing to accept it. The Archdiocese also has several parishes in the United States and other countries.

It's important to note that we do not only address the needs of the Orthodox faithful. Our door is open to all, regardless of their religious affiliation, or lack of one.

The Word of God is about more than slick slogans, polished advertising campaigns, giant modern cathedrals and trendy showmanship. It begins with God, His people and a way of life. Orthodoxy is based on this principle and twenty centuries of enduring (and unchanged) ecclesiastical tradition.

Like many religious groups, our community is supported entirely with the donations of parishioners and friends. Many are Orthodox; some are not. Your help is welcome. Your donation of more than US$50.00 or €50.00 will be acknowledged with our gift of a Byzantine religious icon. Think of it as our way of welcoming you to our community.

Where does your money go? These days, whether it's in the form of emails, television or old-fashioned letters, the average person is overwhelmed with requests to help worthy non-profit organizations. We would like to make an important point about ours. Too often, only a certain portion of charitable contributions made to larger organizations actually end up supporting the good works of the organizations themselves, with a large portion going toward bureaucratic or administrative expenses, or even paying the inflated salaries of the administrators. That is not the case here. By necessity, most of the clergy of the Orthodox Church in Italy work professionally in other fields, such as teaching, and do not receive stipends from the Church, and we don't hire a legion of lay administrators. (Even the design and maintenance of this website is a volunteer service.) Your donation will help real people and a real religious ministry in the truest Christian tradition, with things like relief and social outreach, basic church maintenance and a modest but multilingual publishing program.

Your contribution will make a real difference. To others and to yourself. And that's what Christianity is all about.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Italian Republic and as a non-profit religious organization in the United States of America, where donations are tax deductable under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. (In the United States the church is registered as The Orthodox Church of Ohio Inc.)

Contact us for information on how to make a donation or if you have any questions about us or our work.

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